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This post's theme is techno-y beep beep!

Hello~ I'm the other new uploader! Yousendit decided not to work for me mysteriously for a bit but now its works better then ever so I have goodies of awesome :D

"Neo" - Psycho le Cemu
I wanted to put up my favourite Psycho le Cemu song because I am a little upset by the hiatus after this last tour. (death, rebirth, redeath?! a;sldf) But here's too hoping the SuperMagicalCosplayBand pulls through the hard times!
"Igni+ion" - Imitation Pops 宇宙戦隊 NOIZ
This is in here because NOIZ is awesome and another fun band. They're slowly getting popular and thats really cool, they have some really fun songs :D
"FLY HIGH" - The Mad Capsule Market
Just because everyone needs a little non visual music in their lives :D The Mad Capsule Market is a really good band and I reallyreally like their music. ♥
"GHOST" - Plastic Tree
Everyone probably has this already, but I am uploading it anyways. I am normally not a Plastic Tree fan at all. I only like three other songs of theirs but this one just...blows me away. If all of their stuff could be this awesome they would have another fan!

I will be more detailed about my files next time, I dont know how much time I have for internet-chan at the moment but yes :D enjoy ♥
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